About the Foundation

The Truck HELP Foundation was established in December of 2003 in cooperation with the Association of Road Transport Operators Česmad Bohemia. The purpose of the Foundation is in the direct or financial assistance to the surviving children of victims of traffic accidents suffered by professional drivers, as well as working with partner organizations, prevention of traffic accidents and promotion of the road transport sector.
The idea of “helping the weaker” is somewhere in all of us, but in today’s hectic time we have no time to develop it further, to stop and to think in any other way, but through our every-day work or existential concerns. But we have started to think differently, because in the past, we were directly affected by the tragedy of traffic accident which killed our truck driver of many years and who left behind a family with two young children. From that moment and in view of our previous experience in transport and its associated problems, we have felt the need to actively assist the weaker – the surviving children.
During our existence, we have gained important partners, mostly from the automotive industry, with whom we have established close cooperation in the area of financing and organizing various events for children. Seeing the children smile is the most beautiful thing in the world.
We are very well aware of the danger that lurks on the road for all of us. The possibility of being involved in a traffic accident is directly multiplied by the time spent on the road, where the occupation of a professional driver is one of the most dangerous in terms of threats to life and health.
Sometimes it may seem that trucks and buses are actually in the way of other drivers, as evidenced by some members of Parliament in their meaningless drafts of the laws that would restrict truck traffic (ban on passing other vehicles on the highway and motorway tax). Then comes the moment for everyone to realize that crispy rolls for breakfast, a fragrant chicken for lunch and a fresh salmon for dinner somehow had to get to our table and maybe they were brought by one of those smelly trucks, which were in our way in the morning.

The Truck HELP Foundation does not keep any employees on file – the employers of 66 Media, s.r.o. take care of the Foundation. The Foundation does not have any operating costs (e.g. rent, energy, water and sewerage rate, car costs, telephones, cameras, printer, graphic work costs, etc.), covers purchase of paper, envelopes, covers and packing, etc.

In addition to, the Foundation covers purchase of toys for resale with benefit, promotional flier print, advertising, costs of volunteer accommodation during events, which the Foundation is publicized in, and on a public accountant for its auditing.